RISE by 5 reflects a natural evolution and deepening of the Network partnership, positioning RISE high schools to embrace five shared strategies and goals.   During the first two years of the partnership, RISE high schools and educators piloted a variety of strategies to improve the middle to high school transition, increase college and career readiness, and strengthen data systems and practices. In 2017-18, the RISE Network adopted the RISE by 5 strategy, which is informed by research, student data, and the pioneering efforts of RISE teachers and leaders. RISE by 5 reflects five Network-wide strategies designed to improve student outcomes within five years and in five ways. Please read about the RISE by 5 strategies and RISE by 5 goals below.


Support educators with tools, information, and resources to leverage their expertise to benefit all students.  Collaborative team structures help schools meet students’ holistic needs.


Opportunities engage all students in one-on-one conferences.  On-Track and College and Career Coordinators support students through personalized and data-driven coaching for student success.


Summer transition programs offer meaningful opportunities to help students navigate transitions to high school and beyond, form strong relationships, and gain confidence and skills to achieve their goals.


Provide sophomores with college visits to build future aspirations, juniors with SAT prep programs to increase college readiness, and seniors with post-secondary planning support.


Educator-inspired innovations receive support from the RISE Educator Advisory Council and Innovation Fund, empowering educators to pinpoint needs, pilot ideas, and promote promising practices through collaboration.


In addition to a shared programmatic vision, RISE by 5 also embodies five shared goal areas. Specifically, the Network has embraced five goals to promote on-track student achievement to, through, and beyond high school. Each of the RISE by 5 goal areas are measured through several aligned performance indicators. These measurable performance indicators promote shared accountability and collective responsibility among RISE members working to improve college and career readiness for all students in the Network. Many of these indicators align with the Connecticut State Department of Education's (CSDE) accountability framework, meaning that RISE is looking to improve student outcomes in many of the same areas that CSDE uses to evaluate school and district performance. Please read about the goal areas below. 

Goal 1: On-track during freshman year

1.1. Percent of Grade 9 students earning 5+ credits

1.1b. Percent of Grade 9 students earning 5+ credits and <2 failing core course failures

1.2. Percent of chronically absent Grade 9 students 

1.3. Percent of Grade 9 student earning B's or better (>3.0 GPA)

Goal 2: On-track through high school

2.1. Percent of Grade 10 students earning 6+ credits

2.2. Percent of Grade 11 students earning 6+ credits

2.3. School-wide chronic absenteeism rate

2.4. Percent of disengaged students (<85% ADA, 2+ suspensions, or 2+ course failures)

2.5. Percent of severely disengaged students (<85% ADA, 2+ suspensions, and 2+ course failures)

2.6. Percent of Grade 10-12 students earning B's or better (>3.0 GPA)


Goal 3: On-track to college and career readiness

3.1a. Grade 11 mean SAT EBRW score

3.1b. Grade 11 mean SAT math score

3.2a. Grade 11 participation in AP/ECE/CTE college-ready courses

3.2b. Grade 12 participation in AP/ECE/CTE college-ready courses

3.3.a. Grade 11 students meeting SAT or AP college readiness

3.3.b. Grade 12 students meeting SAT or AP college readiness

3.4. Percent of students earning B's or better (> 3.0 GPA)

3.5. Number of students participating in Wishbone summer programs

Goal 4: On-track to college and career access and success

4.1.a. 4-year high school graduation rates

4.1.b. 6-year high school graduation rates

4.2. Application rates to post-secondary institutions

4.3. FAFSA completion rate

4.4. Student enrollment rate in 2- or 4-year postsecondary institutions

Goal 5: On-track data systems and personalized supports

5.1. Number of weekly on-track data meetings 

5.2. Number of on-track student conferences 

5.3. Projects launched through the Innovation Fund


RISE represents a partnership between East Hartford, Meriden, New Haven, and Hartford Public Schools to support educators striving to ensure every RISE high school student graduates college and career ready.  RISE members include teachers, school counselors, school leaders, and district administrators.  As a community, we are built by RISE members for RISE members.  

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